Art Llobet 2019 | Presentation

Arts and Guitar Festival

XVI edition 2019 | October 11 – November 10


Dance and Guitar

In volume Dansa i música (2009), of the collection Barcelona 1700,  directed by the historian Albert Garcia Espuche, according to his investigations, Barcelona went in the transition from the 16th to the 17th century “a city of dances and guitars” , with animated carnivals organized by neighborhoods, with autonomy in expenses, and sometimes born directly from below.

In Barcelona, the guitar was “the instrument of the young rebels”, with a tavern life that worried so much government and ecclesiastical estates, with an evil eye that incited sin, it was one of the centers of concern of the public powers.

And although today the guitar is the instrument that has provided the most technical evolution to music and enjoys excellent health among the different social strata, interpretive styles and accesses to the great conservatories and auditoriums, it seeks in bitter bitterness its place in Art.

This Art Llobet edition has wanted to invite the artistic discipline of Dance, but not to discover but to retake part of the history that we must not forget.

So dance, friends, dance!

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