Art Llobet 2020 | Presentation

Arts and Guitar Festival

XVII edition 2020 | October 17  – November 8


Due to the global health alarm situation generated by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we are forced to take extraordinary measures in accordance with the indications of the competent authorities. For this reason, we recommend continuing to enjoy live activities via streaming from our Art Llobet Youtube channel.

Painting and Guitar

The Music has always been a source of inspiration for the plastic arts. With admiration and fascination they have represented authentic works of art that have reached our time.

Thanks to the paintings and reliefs, related to the theme of music, we have been able to get a very accurate idea of how the groups were organized, the musical choirs, what kind of music they played, what they did and, above all, and more important as They were his instruments and how they have evolved throughout history.

We know the background of the guitar thanks to many representations of instruments that have been in the painting since the fourteenth century, finding the Virgin as topical appearing with several angels musicians with a small instrument that organologists call mandala or mandora.

From the new artistic movements that developed during the twentieth century, the concept of plastic arts was changing towards new stylistic proposals, both the same happened in music and of course on the guitar.

When the 21st century has arrived, the revolutionary era of the Arts begins. In Art Llobet we propose to be part of the effusion of the Guitar with the guest art of this edition, the Painting.

Roll up your sleeves because the colors of the music arrive!

Jordi Pizarro Artístic Coordinator

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