Art Llobet 2021

Arts & Guitar Festival

XVIII edition | OCT 16 – NOV 7

Poetry & Guitar

Poetry & Guitar

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Curiously, it was a Spanish poet, the Malaga priest Vicente Espinel, who added a fifth string to the guitar at the end of the 16th century, giving color and music to his poetic compositions. Later, it would be at the beginning of the 18th century when the sixth string would be added to complete the instrument as we know it today.

And it is that Poetry & Guitar have always gone through intertwined paths and in each encounter, like a couple in love, together they have been the clearest expressive manifestation of art, their peaceful transmission and sweet sound are harmonious stories whispered to hatred. And poets such as Federico García Lorca, Gerardo Diego or Vicente Huidobro, among many others, inspired by musical notes, managed to inspire with their lyrics, the creation of the most sublime art in poetic guitar.

Closing this presentation and by way of understanding we offer you this poem where Vicente Huidobro describes the guitar without mentioning it at any time.

Whisper in the ear!

La Guitarra
Sobre sus rodillas había algunas notas
Una mujer pequeña dormía
Y seis cuerdas cantan en su vientre
El viento
ha borrado los límites
Y un pájaro picotea las cuerdas
El silencio cree se ocultaba en el fondo del armario
cuando el hombre cesó de tocar
dos alas temblorosas
cayeron de sus manos

Vicente Huidobro (1893-1948)