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XX edition | OCT 14 – NOV 5

Health & Guitar

Health & Guitar

“The Body is a lyre whose harmony is the spirit” (Platon).

The guitar, like all musical instruments, is played through the succession of certain precise movements, whose mission is to “remove the music from the present,” allowing it to truly exist in time. Therefore, in musical praxis the bodily activity of the performer is essential and must be taken into consideration when exploring the different technical solutions that aim to respond to the increasingly demanding interpretive demands.

The constructive innovations that the Spanish guitar has experienced throughout history – especially since the mid-19th century with the works of Antonio Torres jury – together with the weight of the “heritage” of the great performers of music and academic conventions about the appropriate way to move our body, have conditioned important transformations in the interpretive technique: thus, the relatively recent tradition in European art music of playing with great gestural restraint and apparent limitation of movements contrasts with other types of music (jazz, pop , rock) in which musicians are expected to express themselves through broad, bookish and spontaneous movements, turning body expression into true choreography and demonstrating that visual and dynamic components are part of the widely understood musical experience and impact on interpretation.

Virginia Azagra Rueda
“The health of the guitarist”
2006 Ed. Acordes Concert