In 1995 the I International Competition of Guitar of Barcelona was created, tribute to María Luisa Anido, under the direction of its founder, the Chilean maestro Eulogio Dávalos. On that occasion, an altruist event was organised, which maestros and professors claimed as a collective need. Once the contest was finished, the distinguished Lady of the Guitar, María Luisa Anido, requested as an act of generosity that the recognition of the event became the assertion of her beloved maestro guitarist and Catalan composer, Miquel Llobet.

After ten years of insistent requests, in 2005 receives the necessary public support to reaffirm this second edition, in which definitely acquires the name of Certamen Internacional de Guitarra de Barcelona Miquel Llobet, rendering justice to this virtuous forgotten musician.

The Llobet Contest has gained a place among the most important guitar contests of the world. Validated by the compliments of important figures of the musical world and recognised by the most important specialized entities, is considered as an event of excellence and artistic quality that contributes to the enrichment of the musical fabric of the city, returns the lost prestige of the classical guitar and encourages young talents to gain momentum in the new concert challenges.

Nowadays, with the international consolidation of the contest, we have decided to take a further step, integrating a contest of musical composition, and activating a new platform of promotion and diffusion to guitar composers. We also encourage you to participate in this new phase.

The winning works will be part of the selection of works chosen for the next edition of the interpretation contest that the registered participants will develop in a contest and that the winner will professionally record, forming part of the future musical catalog of the Llobet Competition for international dissemination.

We hope to contribute in this new stage to the creation of musical writing, descriptive domination of the pulsations and enrich the highest sensory capacities that are surely to be discovered within the instrument.

Like the Llobet Performance Contest, we want to appeal to compositional talent to encourage you to experience new challenges in the art of guitar writing.

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