Barcelona Internacional Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet

II edition 2021 | COMPOSITION


After the great success of participation in the first edition of the Llobet Contest in composition, we once again make a new call and we invite you to the second edition for creatives in musical writing on the guitar instrument.

The winning composition will form part of the selection of works chosen for the next edition of the interpretation contest that the registered participants will develop in the contest and that the winner will record professionally, forming part of the future musical catalog of the Llobet Contest for international dissemination.

We hope to contribute in this new stage in the creation of musical writing, descriptive control of the pulsations and enrich the highest sensory capacities that are surely to be discovered within the instrument.



1) Iberamerik Concert Association, organizer of the Barcelona International Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet, announces the 2nd edition in Composition for Classic Guitar.

2) The contest is open to any composer of any age and nationality, provided that they were not awarded the first prize in any previous edition of the contest, or with the second prize in one of the last two editions.

3) The composition needs to be original and unpublished and it shouldn’t have been awarded any prize in any previous contest. Also, the composition shouldn’t have been premiered, published on the web, played or broadcasted in the radio or recorded on any support.

4) The composition must be written for classic guitar (any electroacustic mean, or external devices are not allowed) and it must last between 3 and 6 minutes.

5) The Jury will be composed by three well renowned international members and it will be formed by a guitar player, a composer and a composer-guitar player.

6) Entry in this Contest constitutes acceptance of these Contest rules. The decision of the jury will be final. The jury will give the exclusive interpretation of the rules.


7) The compositions must be sent between March 1st and June 1st of 2021. The Compositions sent before and after these dates will be excluded.

8) The compositions will be sent to this email address together with the following documents:
a) File in a pdf format with the title and a nickname.
b) File in a pdf format with the title and a nickname an the identity of the composer (name and surnames).
c) File text or pdf format with a brief artistic biography, address, age and nationality of the composer.
d) File in a jpg format of a recent picture of the composer.
e) A sworn and signed declaration stating that the composition is unpublished, is an original, hasn’t been made public, nor discographically recorded.
f) A recording is not necessary, but a midi or Finale version of the composition will be positively valued.

9) A 15€ inscription fee will have to be sent via bank transfer to (CAIXABANK IBAN ES71 2100 5516 8121 0016 5290 SWIFT: CAIXESBB) or Paypal ( Name/nickname and title of the composition are required.


10) The following prizes will be issued:
a) First Prize: 1,000 euros and Honorary Certificate. Premiere and recording of the composition during this edition of the Art Llobet Festival. The composition will be included as a compulsory piece in the Semifinal of the following edition of the Llobet Contest in Interpretation.
b) Second Prize: 500 euros and Honorary Certificate.

11) Taxes will be applied on the prizes according to the law.

12) The Jury might award a Special Mention, which will be issued with a Honorary Certificate.

13) The Jury might not issue the prize if they don’t think that the quality of the compositions is not good enough or if they fail to fulfill any of the previously mentioned requirements.

14) The decision of the Jury will take place on Friday July 2nd of 2021 and on that same day the names of the members of the Jury will be made public.

15) The winner of the First Prize will commit not to make use of any kind of copyrights about his awarded work until the following Llobet Contest is finished, so that the composition can be included freely in the Interpretation contest withouth any prejudice or charges on the contestants.

16) The winners are not required the assistance to the premiere or to the contest of interpretation. If they decide to attend the organization will not pay for the travel costs, however it will ease accommodation for at least one night.



Concert performer and composer. He has recently been named Academician of number of the Catalonian Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint George in recognition of his international career as a concert performer and the importance of his extensive compositional work for guitar in which he has assimilated – organically and for the first time in the history of the instrument – the 24 major and minor tonalities, expanding the capacity for thematic development beyond what the guitar tradition had considered possible.


In recent years, María José Arenas has become one of the most acclaimed young composers on the national and international scene. A student of David del Puerto, she has written, among other works, Maktub I, Resiliencias and Hum, performed by Alejandro Bustamante, the Trío Arbós and the percussionist Juanjo Guillem. She currently combines her compositional and research work with teaching in the Department of Composition at the “Conservatorio Superior Manuel Castillo” in Seville.


José Isidoro Ramos studied guitar at the Faculty of Music of the UNAM. His career includes performances with orchestra, chamber ensembles and recitals. Several Mexican composers have written works dedicated to him. He develops an intense and concentrated teaching activity in institutions such as the Faculty of Music of the UNAM, in México, the Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey, the University of Monterrey, the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana and the Department of Music of the University of Guanajuato.


Actor’s Mask


Konstantin Vassiliev was born in Siberia (Russia). He studied at the Academy of Music in Novosibirsk Guitar with Arkadiy Bourchanov and composition with Sergey Tossin. His numerous compositions and arrangements have been published in Europe, as well as in Japan, Canada and the USA. His musical style is distinctive because of its diversity: from romantic melancholy through impressionistic fantasies and mysticism, right up to contemporary expressiveness. Vassiliev is a winner of several awards at various international composition contests.


Dansa nº 1


Adrià Pagès graduated in Composition and Theory at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC). He studied  under the guidance of composers such as Albert Guinovart, Christophe Havel and Bernat Vivancos and training as a guitarist with guitarists as Laura A. Young, Xavier Coll, Feliu Gasull i Àlex Garrobé. He has performed as a soloist and composer at the Barcelona Obertura Spring Festival and at the ljudOljud in Stockholm.




Alexis Rodríguez has premiered works on various stages in Cuba, keeping an active participation in the Contemporary Music Festivals of Havana. He has been awarded  in several national competitions, and he has worked for several years at the National School of Music, teaching Music History, Contemporary Harmony, Folkloric Harmony, Counterpoint and Musical Analysis.


 Barcelona, July 4, 2021 | 8:29 p.m.

  • Several composers from eight different countries have participated in this second edition of the Miquel Llobet guitar composition competition.
  • The list of competing works has covered a wide spectrum of styles and trends.

In the first weeks of March, the competition’s mailbox began to fill up with works from Spain and various European countries, such as Russia, Denmark and Italy. However, on this occasion it is worth highlighting the profuse participation of Latin American composers and guitarist-composers, with special mention to countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, which have provided this edition of the competition with an extensive catalogue of works and composers.

Lyrical visions of the creative act, as well as other more intellectual ones, giving rise to a rich repertoire that could satisfy the needs of the most demanding audiences, but without losing the freshness of music that reveals itself as a universal communicator, and in this way, suitable for any audience.

José Galeote, artistic coordinator of the competition, has mentioned this aspect, as well as the fact that both guitarist-composers and composers from outside of the guitarristic world have shown great care regarding the feasibility of the execution of their works, giving…