Barcelona Internacional Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet

III edition 2022 | COMPOSITION


During the last two years, the Llobet composition contest has filled a historical void, a debt that the city of Barcelona had with the important guitar tradition that permeates this city.

The first two editions of the contest had wide coverage and diffusion amongst the guitar community and the composition guild. This can be seen in both the geographic diversity of the contestants, coming from fifteen different countries, and the fact that prizes were awarded both to local artists and to artists from Armenia, Russia, and Cuba.

The organizers of the contest are convinced that much of this success, in terms of international coverage, is due to the specifics and good design of the first prize, which consists of: 1000 euros in cash, the inclusion of the work as a compulsory piece in the semifinal of the interpretation contest in the following year, a video recording of the work and the inclusion of this video in the recording that the winner of the interpretation contest will carry out.

This way, apart from the cash prize, the work is promoted by the contest organization for a year and a half.

So far, important figures of the international scene as the composers Manel Ribera and Maria José Garrido, the composer-scriptwriters Winfried Kellner and Jaume Torrent, and the concert guitarists José Isidoro Ramos and Jacob Cordober, have been amongst the Jury members. Likewise, this third edition of the competition will offer a luxury jury: the composer Luca Cori (professor at the Conservatory of Cesena), Gloria Villanueva (guitarist-composer), and Anabel Montesinos (international concert performer).

The competition starts, this time, in January, thus leaving more time for the writing, reception, and management of the works.

Soon, more news and more audiovisual materials with which to enjoy this contest!



1) Iberamerik Concert Association, organizer of the Barcelona International Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet, announces the third edition in Composition for Classic Guitar.

2) The contest is open to any composer of any age and nationality, provided that they were not awarded the first prize in any previous edition of the contest, or with the second prize in one of the last two editions.

3) The composition needs to be original and unpublished and it shouldn’t have been awarded any prize in any previous contest. Also, the composition shouldn’t have been premiered, published on the web, played or broadcasted in the radio or recorded on any support.

4) The composition must be written for classic guitar (any electroacustic mean, or external devices are not allowed) and it must last between 3 and 6 minutes.

5) The Jury will be composed by three well renowned international members and it will be formed by a guitar player, a composer and a composer-guitar player. In this third edition the jury will be composed by: Gloria Villanueva (guitarist-composer), Luca Cori (composer) and Anabel Montesinos (concert performer).

6) Entry in this Contest constitutes acceptance of these Contest rules. The decision of the jury will be final. The jury will give the exclusive interpretation of the rules.


7) The compositions must be sent between January 1st and June 1st of 2022. The Compositions sent before and after these dates will be excluded.

8) The compositions will be sent to this email address together with the following documents:
a) File in a pdf format with the title and a nickname.
b) File in a pdf format with the title and a nickname an the identity of the composer (name and surnames).
c) File text or pdf format with a brief artistic biography, address, age and nationality of the composer.
d) File in a jpg format of a recent picture of the composer.
e) A sworn and signed declaration stating that the composition is unpublished, is an original, hasn’t been made public, nor discographically recorded.
f) 8) A recording is not necessary, but a mp3 audio, midi or Finale version of the composition will be positively valued.

9) A 15€ inscription fee will have to be sent via bank transfer to (CAIXABANK IBAN ES71 2100 5516 8121 0016 5290 SWIFT: CAIXESBB) or Paypal ( Name/nickname and title of the composition are required.


10) The following prizes will be issued:
a) First Prize: 1,000 euros and Honorary Certificate. Premiere and recording of the composition during this edition of the Art Llobet Festival. The composition will be included as a compulsory piece in the Semifinal of the following edition of the Llobet Contest in Interpretation.
b) Second Prize: 500 euros and Honorary Certificate.

11) Taxes will be applied on the prizes according to the law.

12) The Jury might award a Special Mention, which will be issued with a Honorary Certificate.

13) The Jury might not issue the prize if they don’t think that the quality of the compositions is not good enough or if they fail to fulfill any of the previously mentioned requirements.

14) The decision of the Jury will take place on Friday July 1st of 2022 and on that same day the winning works will be made public.

15) The winner of the First Prize will commit not to make use of any kind of copyrights about his awarded work until the following Llobet Contest is finished, so that the composition can be included freely in the Interpretation contest withouth any prejudice or charges on the contestants.

16) The winners are not required the assistance to the premiere or to the contest of interpretation. If they decide to attend the organization will not pay for the travel costs, however it will ease accommodation for at least one night.




She completed her higher-level musical studies at the Liceo de Barcelona Music Conservatory, specializing in classical guitar, but given that her interest has always focused on composition, she subsequently complements her studies with various courses oriented towards this field., among them: musical analysis, musical informatics, orchestration, piano improvisation, etc. She also has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. Part of her musical production has her own instrument as the protagonist, but she is also the author of a large collection of works for chamber ensembles of various formats and for chamber and symphony orchestras.



He has studied composition at the «Giuseppe Verdi» Conservatory of Milano obtaining the summa cum laude diploma in 1992; at the same time, he studied with Brian Ferneyhough and Franco Donatoni in Milano, Roma and Siena. From his very first years of activity, his works have deserved several prizes and have been played in all the world in the most important occasions. He has been visiting professor at the ESMUC of Barcelona, Eastman School of Music (Rochester) and at the University of Guanajuato. Luca Cori teaches Composition at the «Bruno Maderna» Conservatory of Cesena.



The youngest winner (at the age of 17 years old) of the Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition in Spain, is a leader figure on the classical guitar worldwide. As Winner of more than 10 first prizes in major guitar contests. Anabel Montesinos has performed concerts all around the world, made her Debut at the Carnegie Hall in the year 2011 and she won “Premio Chitarra D’Oro” as promising young talent and acknowledge of her artistic activities, at the Convegno Internazionale di Chitarra, in Alessandria.


Tres Bagatelas


Argentine musician, guitarist, composer, arranger, born in the city of Mar del Plata in 1985. He completed his classical guitar studies at the Luis Gianneo Conservatory, obtaining the title of Professor and then continuing his postgraduate training with maestro Eduardo Isaac. Parallel to the practice of solo classical and chamber guitar, he has explored different music, participating in group projects and accompanying singers of jazz, bossa nova, samba, Argentine folklore and tango, the latter genre being the one he has developed the most, finding its maximum expression and elaboration in El Desbande trio, through the production of arrangements and adaptations of the music of Astor Piazzolla and other great references of the genre.




Senior music professor in the specialty of interpretation-guitar at the Higher Conservatory of Music of A Coruña. He complements his training with a Master’s degree in musical composition with new technologies from the International University of La Rioja, UNIR and attendance at courses and master classes taught by Pat Martino, Victor Bailey, Scorr Henderson, Alex Garrobé, Elena Papandreu, Carles Trepat, Gilad Hekselman , Paquito D´Rivera and Yamandú Costa. Composer and performer of the work The World, awarded and chosen as the official tune of the first International Young Talent Seminar held in Madrid in 2016. Co-creator of the work chosen as the winner of category B of the composition competition “Composing a new world” of the school of Creative Music of Madrid, 2021. He is currently a teacher of guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and bass at the Cantiga Conservatory in Sarria.


Fulgurantes soños


He began his musical career at a very young age, actively participating in the popular culture of his community, in a border area between Galicia and Portugal, approaching music such as flamenco, jazz and American music. He studied classical guitar at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo, receiving the highest qualifications. He combined his studies with work as an arranger and composer of traditional Galician music with the group Na Lúa, with whom he recorded five albums and made tours of the peninsula, South America and Europe, receiving the Galician Critics’ Prize in 1989. In the early 1990s he began a process of research into different guitar techniques at the Centro de Flamencología in Jerez de la Frontera, which would be the seed of the work Fuente Trémula (Trembling Fountain). In 1997 he collaborated with Carlos Núñez in the presentation of the album A Irmandade das Estrelas.


La vela que no se apaga


He was graduated in Guitar Performance at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón, where he also obtained a Master’s degree in Chamber Music. He studied with the professors Kostas Tosidis, Anders Clemens, Pedro Mateo González Garrido and Àlex Garrobé, who gave him a very broad vision of guitar performance. Since his musical beginnings, he has combined performance with his role as an arranger and composer, that is why he includes his own works in his concerts. He is also member of the duo Versatilis -saxophone and guitar- with which he performs a full programme of original arrangements and original compositions of his own. He has also written serveral solo works and for the ensemble Com Una Guitarra Guitar Orchestra. In the area of composition, he has studied independently with the teachers and composers as David Mora and Ramón Sanjuán in Alicante, and with José Luis Peña in Zaragoza.


Barcelona, July 2, 2022 | 6:22 p.m.

  • Massive participation in the third edition of the Llobet Composition Contest, 83 works from 15 countries
  • Works presented from musical eclecticism that drink from Spanish or Latin American folklore, idiomatic language, to works managed from a pure musical thought

Since the beginning of January, two days after the opening of the reception period, the first works already started arriving, announcing what would be a massive participation.

Following the trend of the first two editions, international participation was once again notable, with works from more than 15 different countries from four continents. There has been a special increase in participation from the Anglo-Saxon world.

The jury of this edition, formed by the guitarist Anabel Montesinos and the guitarist-composers Luca Cori and Gloria Villanueva, were faced with a total of 83 works that represented the usual stylistic diversity that exists in the world of guitar writing.

A musical eclecticism that has given us works ranging from pieces that draw from Spanish or Latin American folklore; through an idiomatic language centred on sonority that draws from the sources of our great composers …