Barcelona International Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet | IV edition 2023 | COMPOSITION


The Miquel Llobet guitar composition competition is starting up again with a very promising fourth edition. The compositions must be sent between January 20th and June 1st of 2023.

During the three previous editions, the competition has been consolidating itself as a reference in the world of guitar composition, proof of this is the marked internationality of this competition, having had contestants from more than twenty different nationalities and winners both native Spaniards; such as Diego Corraliza, María Camahort or the renowned and multidisciplinary guitarist Darío Moreira, to name just a few, as well as international winners, such as the Russian and also renowned composer Konstantin Vasiliev, the Syrian-Armenian Pardy Minassian or the winner of the 2022 first prize Pablo Guzmán from Argentina. In total, the competition has received more than 160 works in these three editions and, according to the organisers, plans are being devised to gradually disseminate this vast repertoire, demonstrating the vocation of this competition as a promoter, disseminator and generator of new music, which is very much appreciated nowadays.

This new edition will also have a great jury. Clarice Assad, famous composer, singer and guitarist, whose internationality and prestige need no introduction. From the point of view of the performer, the competition will have the great guitarist Rafael Aguirre, one of the most influential guitarists with the greatest worldwide projection in the last years. And from the non-guitarist composer’s point of view, the competition will present Miguel Castro-Santafé, a very young composer and conductor of the legendary Orfeó Balaguerí.

A good competition, a great jury and as always, very interesting participants to discover. A competition that undoubtedly gives a breath of fresh air to the profession.



1) Iberamerik Concert Association, organizer of the Barcelona International Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet, announces the fourth edition in Composition for Classic Guitar.

2) The contest is open to any composer of any age and nationality, provided that they were not awarded the first prize in any previous edition of the contest, or with the second prize in one of the last two editions.

3) The composition needs to be original and unpublished and it shouldn’t have been awarded any prize in any previous contest. Also, the composition shouldn’t have been premiered, published on the web, played or broadcasted in the radio or recorded on any support.

4) The composition must be written for classic guitar (any electroacustic mean, or external devices are not allowed) and it must last between 3 and 6 minutes.

5) The Jury will be composed by three well renowned international members and it will be formed by a guitar player, a composer and a composer-guitar player. In this fourth edition the jury will be composed by: Clarice Assad (guitarist-composer), Rafael Aguirre (concert performer) and Miguel Castro-Santafé (composer).

6) Entry in this Contest constitutes acceptance of these Contest rules. The decision of the jury will be final. The jury will give the exclusive interpretation of the rules.


7) The compositions must be sent between January 20th and June 1st of 2023. The Compositions sent before and after these dates will be excluded.

8) The compositions will be sent to this email address together with the following documents:
a) File in a pdf format with the title and a nickname.
b) File in a pdf format with the title and a nickname an the identity of the composer (name and surnames).
c) File text or pdf format with a brief artistic biography, address, age and nationality of the composer.
d) File in a jpg format of a recent picture of the composer.
e) A sworn and signed declaration stating that the composition is unpublished, is an original, hasn’t been made public, nor discographically recorded.
f) A recording is not necessary, but a mp3 real audio, midi or Finale version of the composition will be positively valued.

9) A 25€ inscription fee will have to be sent via bank transfer to (CAIXABANK IBAN ES71 2100 5516 8121 0016 5290 SWIFT: CAIXESBB) or Paypal ( Name/nickname and title of the composition are required.


10) The following prizes will be issued:
a) First Prize: 1,000 euros and Honorary Certificate. Video-Recording of the composition and it’s premiere in the Art Llobet Festival or at Les Garrigues Guitar Festival. The composition will be included as a compulsory piece in the Semifinal of the following edition of the Llobet Contest in Interpretation.

b) Second Prize: 500 euros and Honorary Certificate.

11) Taxes will be applied on the prizes according to the law.

12) The Jury might award a Special Mention, which will be issued with a Honorary Certificate.

13) The Jury might not issue the prize if they don’t think that the quality of the compositions is not good enough or if they fail to fulfill any of the previously mentioned requirements.

14) The decision of the Jury will take place on Friday 3rd July of 2023.

15) The winner of the First Prize will commit not to make use of any kind of copyrights about his awarded work until the following Llobet Contest is finished, so that the composition can be included freely in the Interpretation contest withouth any prejudice or charges on the contestants.

16) The winners are not required the assistance to the premiere or to the contest of interpretation. If they decide to attend the organization will not pay for the travel costs, however it will ease accommodation for at least one night.

* In case of doubt, the interpretation of these rules will take into account the original text in Spanish.




He has been awarded international prizes such as the “Manuel de Falla” in Seville (2018) and the “Andrés Segovia” in Granada (1999). He studied at the Óscar Esplá Conservatory in Alicante and graduated in Humanities with an extraordinary prize. Notable figures such as Cristóbal Halffter and Antón García Abril praise his personal style and compositional technique. His works are published by recognized publishers, and acclaimed performers include them in their repertoire. As a guitar teacher at the “Guitarrista José Tomás” Conservatory in Alicante and a member of the “QuarteTomás” quartet, he leaves a mark in music education and performance. His recent album, “Another Light,” has received praise from specialized critics, solidifying his career.



Clarinetist, composer, and music researcher. He began his studies at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Lleida, obtaining his professional degree with outstanding grades. He continued his education at the International University of La Rioja, specializing in composition and musicology, and received the highest grade for his final project. Additionally, he completed a Master’s in Music Research at the same institution. As a performer, he has been part of various distinguished bands and orchestras, participating in international festivals and giving concerts throughout Spain. As a composer, his works have been commissioned and premiered by renowned ensembles and published by prestigious publishers. He has also served as a teacher in various music schools, sharing his passion and knowledge with students of all ages.



A renowned international guitarist, recipient of multiple awards, and has performed in over 42 countries. In the previous season, he embarked on a tour of the United States, performing at the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York, as well as other major cities. He will also make his debut with prestigious orchestras such as the Prague Philharmonia and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo. Aguirre has a diverse approach and collaborates with renowned musicians across different genres, expanding the repertoire of classical guitar. He has released several acclaimed albums and has received critical acclaim. Since his beginnings at the age of 16, Aguirre continues to make a significant impact on the contemporary music scene.


Feuilles mortes


Born in 2000, Edoardo Tritto studies classical guitar and composition at Guido Cantelli Conservatory in Novara (Italy). In 2020 he won the 2nd prize at the International contest “Citta di Barletta” and in 2021 he published two piano pieces with the Universal Edition (Wien) following the “Mauricio Kagel International Composition Competition’. In April 2023 he took part to a Masterclass held by the italian composer Fabio Vacchi.


Tema con Variaciones y Final


He graduated in guitar at the General San Martín Conservatory of Music and specialized in Latin American guitar, with maestro Eduardo Isaac. He has been distinguished with a special mention in the Current and Experimental Tango Composition Contest of the “Nou Baires Tango” festival and in the Instrumental Composition category in the “XXII Hugo del Carril Tango Contest”. Founder of the “Tango Diablo Quartet”, he has recorded two EPs of the Quartet: “Burocraciando” and “Suite Salgán” and the group’s first album will soon be released.




Born in 1985, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from the Elisabeth University of Music. Studied with Norio Sato. In solo category, received first prize of the 34th Japan Guitar Competition and won numerous prizes including the 45th Classical Guitar Competition, 1st East End International Guitar Competition, 2nd Pan Pacific Contemporary Music Competition. In ensemble category, 26th Japan Guitar Ensemble Competition. 2th Portgal international Guitar Composition Compettion honorable mention. He is Art director of “Apoyando Music Festival”.


Barcelona, July 3, 2023 | 12.22 p.m.

  • 51 works presented to the contest denotes the high interest in composition for guitar in the world
  • Winners from three continents and works of different styles, confirm the eclectic compositional health

With only 23 years old, Edoardo Tritto wins the 2023 edition of the already renowned guitar composition competition based in Barcelona, cradle and undisputed capital of the classical guitar.

The language of the work Feuilles Mortes is contemporary, with a slight air of Takemitsu, and far from the usual compositional resources of the guitarist-composers of the last decades. In this way Edoardo builds an interesting and personal work. The handwriting, the neat handwriting and the impeccable legend before the music, in which the author explains every gesture, every technique, make it clear that, despite his young age, Edoardo is a musician already trained and highly skilled in his field.

From among the 51 participants of this fourth edition, the jury formed by Rafael Aguirre, Marco Smaili and Miguel Castro-Santafé, had to choose the three winners during the various deliberative phases, from which 18 semi-finalist works emerged, all of them of a high compositional and artistic level.

Finally, the jury decided to award …





by Ramiro de Marino | ARGENTINA


KAGURA-UTA "Canción y Danza"

by Junpei Ohtsubo | JAPAN