Barcelona International Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet | XV edition 2019 | November 7-10


The XVI edition arrives fulfilling the claim of the musical literature for guitar of Catalan, Spanish and Latin American authors and that will be defended in competition by young musicians from all over the world.

In the first qualifying phase, the contestants will interpret Miquel Llobet (1878-1938), with 21 years he composed Estudio capricho, a short work of colorful virtuosity; along with some bulerías of the guitarist of Toledo Valentín Bielsa (1929-2012) the work Fantasia para guitarra española.

The second semifinal phase, we have selected the work Aire vasco, great composition of the blind guitarist of Jaén Antonio Jiménez Manjón (1866-1919), on the centenary of his death. Important figure for Llobet, who after listening to him as a child in the Teatro Eldorado, he makes the artistic decision to devote himself to the instrument; and the illustrious Paraguayan guitarist Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1885-1944) a virtuosity study by title Las abejas.

The final phase, the finalists interpret with string quartet the works of two current composers representing their countries, the Uruguayan master Esteban Klísich (1955) with the work Oriental, formed by three movements (Tango, Milonga lenta and Milongón), and Colombian master Leo Herrera (1979) with the work Valle perdido, formed by three movements (Preludio, Tonada and Danza).

We think that the participants will draw a rich artistic experience with this repertoire, where knowledge of the work and its author will be key to its interpretation.

Eulogio Dávalos Llanos Artistic Director



1) Iberamerik Concert Associació, organizer of the Barcelona Internacional Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet, call for XVI edition that will take place in Barcelona, from 7th to 10th of November, 2019.

2) The contest is open to all guitarists, regardless of nationality, who are no older than 35 years of age at time of registration. First Prize winners from previous editions are not eligible to enter.

3) The contest will be held at the Museu de la Música and L’Auditori of Barcelona.

4) The draw for the competition’s first round performance order will be held at the Museu de la Música de Barcelona on the Thursday 7th of November at 10am. All competitors must attend, those not in attendance will forfeit their right to participate.

5) All cash prizes are subject to their corresponding taxes which will be withheld according to the current legislation.

6) The Organising Committee of the Certamen Llobet will not be responsible for programming dates and cancellation for any of the concerts offered as part of a prize.

7) The travel, accommodation and living costs incurred during the competition will be covered by the participant. If required, Certamen Llobet will provide housing for participants who pass to the semi-final until they are eliminated from the competition.

8) All rights to any recordings of the participants made by Certamen Llobet during the competition will be held by the Organising Committee.

9) By registering for the competition the participant agrees to all the rules of the Certamen Llobet competition. In the case of a discrepancy or disagreement, the Spanish edition of these rules will be used. The decision of the Jury is final.

10) Anything not specified in these rules is not the responsibility of the Organising Committee.


11) Registration for the competition should be made through the website.
Registration deadline: Sunday 4th of October, 2019. There will be a maximum of 20 participants.
The following documents will be required:
a) Biography and artist photo
b) Copy of passport or identity card
c) Proof of bank transfer

12) The registration fee is 60 Euros, to be made by bank transfer (indicating participant’s full name) to the following account:
CAIXABANK IBAN format electrònic: ES71 2100 5516 8121 0016 5290
CAIXABANK IBAN format paper: IBAN ES71 2100 5516 8121 0016 5290 SWIFT: CAIXESBB
o for PAYPAL: 

13) By registering for the competition, participants will receive free entry and preferential attendance to other activities and concerts put on as part of the Certamen Llobet.


14) The competition will be held in three rounds:
1st ROUND (Classification): Museu de la Música de Barcelona. Thursday 7th of November at 10am, for all participants. Competitors are required to perform the following set works:
– “Estudio capricho”, Miquel Llobet
– “Fantasia para guitarra española”, Valentín Bielsa.
2nd ROUND (Semi-final): Museu de la Música de Barcelona. Friday 8th of November at 10am, for all participants who classify. Competitors are required to perform the following set works:
– “Aire vasco”, Antonio Jiménez Manjón (Centenary of his death)
– “Las abejas”, Agustín Barrios Mangoré (75 Aniversary of his death)
3rd ROUND (Final and Prize Giving Ceremony): Oriol Martorell Room to the Auditori of Barcelona. Sunday 10th of November at 7pm, three finalists will be selected. The work in this round will be performed with string quartet. Participants are to choose from one of the following works:
– “El Oriental”, Esteban Klísich
– “Valle perdido”, Leo Herrera


15) The following prizes will be awarded:
1st PRIZE: 5.000 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
Recording of a CD produced by JSM Guitar Records
Masterclass + concerts in:
Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Chile
Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad de la Serena (Chile)
School of Arts & Humanities of the University of Texas at Dallas (USA)
Festival Internacional de Guitarra “María Luisa Anido” Morón (Argentina)
Concerts at:
Garrigues Guitar Festival Memorial Emili Pujol
Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Madrid
Mediterranean Guitar Festival
2nd PRIZE: 3.000 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
3rd PRIZE: 1.500 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
Special Prizes:
Llobet PRIZE, awarded for the best interpretation of the set work by Miguel Llobet: Honorary Diploma and concert at Art Llobet 2020 (Barcelona)
CAT PRIZE, for the best classifying Catalan player: Honorary Diploma and concert at Clàssica a Horta-Guinardó (Barcelona)
Audience PRIZE: Honorary Diploma and concert at Art Llobet 2020 (Barcelona)

16) These prizes may increase. Any changes will be identified on the website until the end of the registration period.


Miquel Llobet (1878-1938)

Estudio capricho

Valentín Bielsa (1929-2012)

Fantasía para guitarra española 


Antonio Jiménez Manjón (1866-1919)

Aire vasco Op. 19

Agustín Barrios “Mangoré” (1885-1944)

Las abejas


Esteban Klísich (1955)


El Oriental

Leo Herrera (1979)


Valle perdido


María Esther Guzmán (Spain)


Claudia Montero (Argentina)


Luz Mabel Medina (Venezuela)

María Asunción Sabater (Spain)


Daniel Nogués (Spain)


Desert (—-)


Mario Kurtjak (Slovenia)

Mario Kurtjak is a Slovenian guitarist, guitar teacher, composer and chemist with a PhD in science. He graduated from the Ljubljana Academy of Music with a master’s degree and a summa cum laude diploma in 2010. In 2018 he completed another master’s study in guitar at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has received first prizes in national and international competitions. He has been active as a soloist and chamber musician, with a diverse repertoire, including his own compositions.


José Manuel Naranjo (Spain)

Born in Cantillana (Seville), he began his music studies at the age of seven at the Elementary Conservatory of Music “La Rinconada” and continued at the Professional Conservatory of Music “Francisco Guerrero”. He later he continued his career at the “Manuel Castillo” Superior Conservatory of Music. He has obtained the third prize in the International Competition Ciudad de Linares “Andrés Segovia” 2017 and the second prize in the fourth category of the international competition “Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga” 2018. He has performed on various stages in important Spanish cities.


Desert (—-)


Desert (—-)


Fernando Alonso Mercader (1945)

Musician and pedagogue, he has dedicated his life to the contribution and promotion for more than 50 years to the praise of the guitar in the world around the defense and preservation of the figure and the legacy of the illustrious master guitarist Miquel Llobet.

For the first time, the Llobet Contest is left without winner

Barcelona, November 11, 2019 | 19:25h | Photos: Oriol Miralles

  • Culture is again damaged in Barcelona for the exceptional moments that are happening, with an edition of little participation.
  • The decision of the jury left not only
    the First Award vacant, but also both special Llobet and CAT Awards.

Since last month the city has been the headquarters of social events in exceptionality due to the lack of political understanding. The mistaken news promulgated by the sensational media has damaged the image of Barcelona, and consequently to the instability of its cultural and tourist activity. The Llobet Competition, as an international event, has been no stranger to it and has been affected by the low participation in the contest.

However, trying to cope with the event to the  deserved normal, the 10th of November we relived an exciting afternoon in the noble art of classical guitar. The room Oriol Martorell of the Auditori of Barcelona refilled an audience with loudness fully delivered. The two finalists that were selected by the members of the jury for the final round performed the two musical pieces that were chosen for the contest. José Manuel Naranjo, of Sevillian origin, was the responsible of opening the contest with the El Oriental piece, of the Uruguayan master Esteban Klisich, accompanied by the Orquesta de Cámara Vozes, conducted by Pablo González, from Venezuela. The second finalist, the young Slovenian Mario Kurtjak, performed the piece Valle perdido, of the Colombian composer Leo Herrera.









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