Barcelona Internacional Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet | XIX edition 2022 | November 3-6 | INTERPRETATION MODE


After coming of age in the last edition, the Llobet Contest intends to carry out the nineteenth edition with the normal presence that has always characterized it. New experiences and vibrant emotions once again turn the stage into mastery, excellence and virtuosity in the noble art of the guitar.

This year we present to the contest excellent works that have left a personal mark to be performed by the interpreters with their own sound perspective and with the knowledge of their composers.

In the first phase of Qualifying we present “Leonesa”, a popular song so exquisitely harmonized by the illustrious guitarist Miquel Llobet, and “Catalanesca”, a characteristic dance of Catalonia written by the Catalan cellist Gaspar Cassadó, whom we celebrate the 125th Anniversary of his birth.

In the second Semifinal phase, the classifieds will interpret the freshness of the “Danza Brasilera” by the Argentine master Jorge Morel, together with the inspiring pictorial “Actor’s Mask” by the Russian composer Konstantin Vassiliev, a work awarded with the first prize of the 2021 Llobet Composition Contest.

The last and third Final phase, the finalists will sharpen their musical skills with one of the two works to choose from together with a string quartet, between the suggestive “Fantasia per chitarra e quartetto d’archi” by the Italian master composer and guitarist Eros Roselli or the hypnotic “Landscape” by Australian composer Robert Davidson.

As we repeat every year, we hope that this appointment of self-improvement transmits or promotes new artistic challenges.

Eulogio Dávalos Llanos Director Artístic


1) Iberamerik Concert Associació, organizer of the Barcelona Internacional Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet, call for XVIII edition that will take place in Barcelona, from 3th to 6th of November, 2022.

2) The contest is open to all guitarists, regardless of nationality, who are no older than 35 years of age at time of registration. First Prize winners from previous editions are not eligible to enter.

3) The Contest will develop in person at the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona.

4) The draw for the competition’s first round performance order will be held at the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona on the Thursday 3th of November at 10:00 a.m. All competitors must attend, those not in attendance will forfeit their right to participate.

5) All cash prizes are subject to their corresponding taxes which will be withheld according to the current legislation.

6) The Organising Committee of the Certamen Llobet will not be responsible for programming dates and cancellation for any of the concerts offered as part of a prize.

7)The travel, accommodation and living costs incurred during the competition will be covered by the participant. If required, Certamen Llobet will provide housing for participants who pass to the semi-final until they are eliminated from the competition.

8) All rights to any recordings of the participants made by Certamen Llobet during the competition will be held by the Organising Committee.

9) By registering for the competition the participant agrees to all the rules of the Certamen Llobet competition. In the case of a discrepancy or disagreement, the Spanish edition of these rules will be used. The decision of the Jury is final.

10) Anything not specified in these rules is not the responsibility of the Organising Committee.


11) Registration for the competition should be made through the website.
Registration deadline: Sunday, October 16th, 2022. There will be a maximum of 20 participants.
The following documents will be required:
a) Biography and artist photo
b) Copy of passport or identity card
c) Proof of bank transfer

12) The registration fee is 60 Euros, to be made by bank transfer (indicating participant’s full name) to the following account:
CAIXABANK IBAN: ES71 2100 5516 8121 0016 5290 SWIFT: CAIXESBB

13) By registering for the competition, participants will receive free entry and preferential attendance to other activities and concerts put on as part of the Certamen Llobet.


14) The competition will be held in three rounds:
1st ROUND (Classification): Thursday, November 3th at 10:00 a.m., for all participants. Competitors are required to perform the following set works:

– Leonesa, Miquel Llobet

– Catalanesca, Gaspar Cassadó (125 Birth Aniversary)

(+ info Composers and Works)

2nd ROUND (Semi-final): Friday, November 4th at 10:00 a.m., for all participants who classify. Competitors are required to perform the following set works:

– Danza Brasilera, Jorge Morel

– Actor’s Mask, Konstantin Vassiliev (Winning work of the Llobet Composition Competition 2021)

(+ info Composers and Works)

3rd ROUND (Final and Prize Giving Ceremony): Sunday, November 6th at 7:00 p.m., three finalists will be selected. The work in this round will be performed with string quartet. Participants are to choose from one of the following works:

– Fantasia per chitarra i quartetto d’archi, Eros Roselli

– Landscape, Robert Davidson

(+ info Composers and Works)


15) The following prizes will be awarded:
1st PRIZE: 5.000 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
Recording of an audiovisual produced by IRS Produccions and promotion through social networks.
Concerts in:
Garrigues Guitar Festival Memorial Emili Pujol
Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Madrid
Festival Internacional de Guitarra “Ferran Sor” de Barcelona
Festival de Guitarra Girona-Costa Brava
Festival d’Estiu Seu d’Ègara (concert amb l’Orquestra de Cambra Terrassa 48)
2nd PRIZE: 3.000 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
3rd PRIZE: 1.500 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
And special Prizes:
Llobet PRIZE, awarded for the best interpretation of the set work by Miguel Llobet: Honorary Diploma and concert at Art Llobet 2023 (Barcelona)
CAT PRIZE, for the best classifying Catalan player: Honorary Diploma and concert at Garrigues Guitar Festival Memorial Emili Pujol
Audience PRIZE: Honorary Diploma and concert at Travicult 2022 (Barcelona)

16) These prizes may increase. Any changes will be identified on the website until the end of the registration period.


Miquel Llobet (1878-1938)


Gaspar Cassadó (1897-1966)



Jorge Morel (1931-2021)

Danza Brasilera

Konstantin Vassiliev (1970)

Actor’s Mask



Eros Roselli (1960)


Fantasia per chitarra i quartetto d’archi


Robert Davidson (1965)





    Registration deadline: Sunday October 16, 2022. There will be a maximum of 20 participants.

    Fantasia per chitarra e quartetto d'archi, Eros RoselliLandscape, Robert Davidson






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