Barcelona Internacional Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet

18th edition 2021 | November 4-7 | INTERPRETATION


On the recommendation of the health authorities and international restrictions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Llobet Contest will develop the Qualification and Semifinal phases in online format and the Final will be held in person at the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona. The deadline for registration will be Sunday, October 3, 2021. The audiovisuals of the qualifiers will have to be presented before Sunday, October 17.

The first edition of the Llobet Contest was held between January 24 and 27, 1995 in the same place where it is currently held, in the Toldrà Auditorium of the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona. However then, it was not in homage to the teacher Miquel Llobet, nor was the audience the same.

In that year the tribute was addressed to the illustrious Lady of the Guitar, Maria Luisa Anido, who at the end of the contest, in a gesture of sincere humility, requested that he change the name of the event to that of her beloved teacher, the illustrious Miquel Llobet.

The auditorium that bears the name of the great musician Eduard Toldrà, was not the same either, its walnut wood walls aged by time, had a sweet sound throughout the room. Today the wood of a clear oak according to our time promises to give the listener new sound experiences.

In 2021 we are coming of age with the eighteenth edition and with the renewal of a new era of guitar talent, we have prepared for its exhibition a repertoire full of sonic colors.

The first qualifying phase will have two of the most important figures of the 20th century and two works linked to their authors, Respuesta by Miquel Llobet, dedicated to his favorite student; and Boceto indígena, the work of Maria Luisa Anido, who is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her disappearance.

The second semifinal phase, the classifieds will interpret the Argentine maestro Astor Piazzolla with the work Acentuado of the 5 pieces for guitar, celebrating the centenary of his birth; and at the end of this stage the work awarded with the first prize in the first edition of the 2020 Llobet Composition Contest, Canció primera by Diego Corraliza, from Alicante who honors the poetics of Miguel Hernández.

In the final phase, the three finalists will perform with a string quartet choosing between two works praised and awarded by critics and musical experts, we refer to the Quintet No. 1 of the young Slovenian composer and guitarist Nejc Kuhar and the famous work Usher-Waltz Fantasia by the Russian master Nikita Koshkin.

We hope that the participants enjoy this repertoire of great musical richness and that they transmit the sounds necessary to move the soul of the audience.

Eulogio Dávalos Llanos Director Artístico


1) Iberamerik Concert Associació, organizer of the Barcelona Internacional Guitar Contest Miquel Llobet, call for XVIII edition that will take place in Barcelona, from 4th to 7th of November, 2021.

2) The contest is open to all guitarists, regardless of nationality, who are no older than 35 years of age at time of registration. First Prize winners from previous editions are not eligible to enter.

3) The Contest will develop the qualifiers in online format and the Final in person at the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona.

4) The deadline for registration will be Sunday, October 3, 2021. The audiovisuals of the qualifiers will have to be presented before Sunday, October 17. The non-presentation of the audivisuals, both in the classification and the semifinal, will imply their automatic disqualification.

5) All cash prizes are subject to their corresponding taxes which will be withheld according to the current legislation.

6) The Organising Committee of the Certamen Llobet will not be responsible for programming dates and cancellation for any of the concerts offered as part of a prize.

7) The Contest will take care of the travel and accommodation expenses of the three finalists.

8) All rights to any recordings of the participants made by Certamen Llobet during the competition will be held by the Organising Committee.

9) By registering for the competition the participant agrees to all the rules of the Certamen Llobet competition. In the case of a discrepancy or disagreement, the Spanish edition of these rules will be used. The decision of the Jury is final.

10) Anything not specified in these rules is not the responsibility of the Organising Committee.


11) Registration for the competition should be made through the website.
Registration deadline: Sunday 3th of October, 2021. There will be a maximum of 20 participants.
The following documents will be required:
a) Biography and artist photo
b) Copy of passport or identity card
c) Proof of bank transfer

12) The registration fee is 60 Euros, to be made by bank transfer (indicating participant’s full name) to the following account:
CAIXABANK IBAN: ES71 2100 5516 8121 0016 5290 SWIFT: CAIXESBB
or through PAYPAL: 

13) By registering for the competition, participants will receive free entry and preferential attendance to other activities and concerts put on as part of the Certamen Llobet.


14) The competition will be held in three rounds:
1st ROUND (Classification – ONLINE): Maximum deadline for delivery of audiovisuals, Sunday, October 17, 2021. Competitors are required to perform the following set works:

– Respuesta, Miquel Llobet

Boceto indígena, María Luisa Anido (25th anniversary of his disappearance)

(+ info on Composers and Works)

2nd ROUND (Semi-final – ONLINE): Maximum deadline for delivery of audiovisuals, Sunday, October 17, 2021. Competitors are required to perform the following set works:

Canción primera, Diego Corraliza (Winning work in the Llobet Composition Competition 2020)

– Acentuado (Cinco piezas para guitarra), Astor Piazzolla (Centenary of his birth)

(+ info on Composers and Works)

3rd ROUND (Final and Prize Giving Ceremony): Sunday 7th of November at 7pm, three finalists will be selected. The work in this round will be performed with string quartet. Participants are to choose from one of the following works:

– Quintet No. 1, Nejc Kuhar

– Usher-Waltz Fantasia, Nikita Koshkin

(+ info on Composers and Works)


15) The following prizes will be awarded:
1st PRIZE: 5.000 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
Recording of a CD produced by JSM Guitar Records
Masterclass + concerts in: (Suspended by Covid-19):
Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Chile
Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad de la Serena (Chile)
School of Arts & Humanities of the University of Texas at Dallas (USA)
Festival Internacional de Guitarra “María Luisa Anido” Morón (Argentina)
Concerts in:
Garrigues Guitar Festival Memorial Emili Pujol
Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Madrid
International Guitar Festival “Ferran Sor” of Barcelona
Festival de Guitarra Girona-Costa Brava
Festival d’Estiu Seu d’Ègara (concert with the Terrassa 48 Chamber Orchestra)
2nd PRIZE: 3.000 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
3rd PRIZE: 1.500 Euros, Medal and Honorary Diploma
Special Prizes:
Llobet PRIZE, awarded for the best interpretation of the set work by Miguel Llobet: Honorary Diploma and concert at Art Llobet 2022 (Barcelona)
PRIZE “Canción Primera Ciudad de Yecla”, awarded for the best interpretation of the set work by Diego Corraliza, winner of the 2020 Llobet Composition Competition: Diploma Honorífico y concierto en Festival Internacional de Música de Cámara de Yecla 2022 (Yecla – Murcia -SPAIN)
CAT PRIZE, for the best classifying Catalan player: Honorary Diploma and concert at Garrigues Guitar Festival Memorial Emili Pujol
Audience PRIZE: Honorary Diploma and concert at Travicult 2022 (Barcelona)

16) These prizes may increase. Any changes will be identified on the website until the end of the registration period.


Miquel Llobet (1878-1938)



María Luisa Anido (1907-1996)

Boceto indígena


Diego Corraliza (1981)

Canción primera


Astor Piazzolla(1921-1992)

Acentuado (Cinco piezas para guitarra)


Nejc Kuhar (1987)

Quintet no. 1 for guitar and string quartet


Nikita Koshkin (1956)


Usher-Waltz Fantasia



Anabel Montesinos, the youngest winner (at the age of 17) of the Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition, the oldest and most important classical guitar competition in the world. She is the winner of more than 10 first international awards such as the Michele Pittaluga Citá di Alessandria Contest in Italy, Julián Arcas in Spain, Raifeisenwettbewerb in Salzburg, among others. Anabel Montesinos has played in many of the most important concert halls around the world, including Carnegie Hall in New York, debuting in 2011. Her albums have been praised by the international press, highlighting their beauty, freshness and virtuosity. in their interpretations.


A guitar virtuoso, Belotti was trained within the world’s leading conservatories. He was the recipient of a full scholarship at the Juilliard School of Music where he studied under the tutelage of Sharon Isbin. Previously, he was awarded the Diplôme Supérieur d’Exécution, at the Alfred Cortot Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris. Here, he studied under the celebrated maestro, Alberto Ponce, who praised Belotti as “a guitarist endowed with great musical finesse.” He is currently the artistic director of the Ferran Sor International Guitar Festival in Barcelona.


He began his musical studies with his father in La Coruña, Spain. Later he moved to Barcelona where he studied cello and chamber music with Pere Busquets. Among other chamber ensembles he has formed a duet with the pianist Jordi Vilaprinyó and the double bass player Xavier Puertas and also the Trio Novalis, winners of the 1st Prize of the National Chamber Music Competition “Montserrat Alavedra.” He is currently the director of the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona.


Ana Maria Iordache (Romania)

Born in Bucharest, Ana Maria Iordache is one of the most outstanding Romanian guitarists of her generation. She started playing guitar at the age of six with Eugen Mang and she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Performance at the National University of Music in Bucharest under the direction of Dr. Catalin Stefanescu-Patrascu. In 2018 she graduated Cum Laude from the Master of Guitar in Alicante (Spain). In 2020 she received her Master’s degree in Interpretation at the University of Arizona (USA), where she is currently doing her Ph.D. studies with Thomas Patterson.


Christopher Avilez (Mexico)

Her training takes place at the Centro Morelense de las Artes, the Conservatory of Music in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, the University of Alicante in Spain and at the Faculty of Music at UNAM. In 2013 she received the State Youth Award in the category Promotion of Art and Culture. She has been a fellow of the State Fund for Culture and the Arts. She has recently presented her project “Al pie del volcano”, a recording of unreleased music for guitar by the 19th century Peruvian composer Pedro Ximénez Abril y Tirado.


Vladislav Fedorov (Russia)

Born in Karaganda (Kazakhstan). At the age of 10 she received her first guitar lessons from Oleg Kalitinec and has since studied in his class at the Karagandin School of Music. Later at Gnessins College with Professor Victor Erzunov. In 2011 she studied with maestro Oscar Ghiglia at the renowned “Accademia Chigiana di Siena”. And in 2012, she graduated from the Cologne Music University with Roberto Aussel with whom she is also currently doing her “Master of Music” degree. He also teaches classes in Cologne and the Christian Ulrich and “Emotio” music schools in Bonn.


Eulogio Dávalos Llanos (Chile)

For his altruistic dedication to the promotion of the noble art of the guitar and its interpreters; by his tenacity; by its organizational capacity; for the enormous work in favor of music; by the profusion of projects undertaken; for the innumerable events that have materialized such as the International Guitar Festival of Chile and this same International Guitar Contest of Barcelona Miquel Llobet; for the help given to so many young musicians and consecrated artists to pave the way for them and make it possible to consolidate splendid careers; for their generous, helpful, supportive and committed behavior.


Barcelona | November 8, 2021 | 8:22 p.m.

  • Romanian Ana María Iordache is crowned the eighteenth edition of the Llobet Contest
  • Emotional and well-deserved honorary award distinguished to the founder of the contest, the teacher Eulogio Dávalos

The Llobet Contest has come of age at a difficult time in which we yearn for a return to the desired normality. But in the meantime, and with the sanitary measures applied, we have relived one of those exciting moments to which we were used to. And what better place than the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona, ​​official headquarters since 1995, where the event was named after Maria Luisa Anido, the Great Lady of the Guitar, and who herself wanted it to be named after her teacher, Miquel Llobet. In 2014, due to improvement works, he had to move to the Barcelona Auditorium.

The final of the XVIII International Guitar Contest of Barcelona Miquel Llobet began with the presentation in the room of the quartet of the Terrassa 48 Chamber Orchestra by the actor Jaume Comas, conductor of the evening, who began to give way to the finalists …