• NOVELTY 1: The deadline for submission of works is extended. From January 1 to June 1

  • NOVELTY 2: We present the members of the Jury. Gloria Villanueva, Luca Cori and Anabel Montesinos

Barcelona | December 8, 2021 | 4:10 p.m.

During the last two years, the Llobet composition contest has filled a historical void, a debt that the city of Barcelona had with the important guitar tradition that permeates this city.

The first two editions of the contest had wide coverage and diffusion amongst the guitar community and the composition guild. This can be seen in both the geographic diversity of the contestants, coming from fifteen different countries, and the fact that prizes were awarded both to local artists and to artists from Armenia, Russia, and Cuba.

The organizers of the contest are convinced that much of this success, in terms of international coverage, is due to the specifics and good design of the first prize, which consists of 1000 euros in cash, the inclusion of the work as a compulsory piece in the semifinal of the interpretation contest in the following year, a video recording of the work and the inclusion of this video in the recording that the winner of the interpretation contest will carry out. This way, apart from the cash prize, the work is promoted by the contest organization for a year and a half.

So far, important figures of the international scene as the composers Manel Ribera and Maria José Garrido, the composer-scriptwriters Winfried Kellner and Jaume Torrent, and the concert guitarists José Isidoro Ramos, and Jacob Cordober, have been amongst the Jury members. Likewise, this third edition of the competition will offer a luxury jury: the composer Luca Cori (professor at the Conservatory of Cesena), Gloria Villanueva (guitarist-composer), and Anabel Montesinos (international concert performer).

The competition starts, this time, in January, thus leaving more time for the writing, reception, and management of the works.

Soon, more news and more audiovisual materials with which to enjoy this contest!


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