• The Bosnian guitarist Belmin Okanović was proclaimed the winner of Llobet 2024. The Korean Jehee Lee and the Frenchwoman Émilie Fend came in second and third place.

  • The Argentine composer Jorge Cardoso was honored by the organizing commission with the 2023 Honorary Award for A Lifetime for the Guitar.

Barcelona | November 6, 2023 | 12:30 p.m.
Photos: Oriol Miralles @oriol_miralles_photo

Barcelona once again dressed as a Guitar in a gala full of hopes and emotions shared by those who have followed and shared the trajectory in these twenty editions of the Llobet Contest. As it could not be otherwise, the Guitar Festival in Barcelona began on Saturday, October 14 with the Art Llobet festival and ended on the afternoon of Sunday, November 5 with the solemn awards ceremony at the Municipal Music Conservatory.

But before reaching the final, the 12 participants from Germany, Andorra, Bolivia, Bosnia, South Korea, Croatia, France, Mexico and Spain, began their competition in the first qualifying phase where they had to perform a mandatory repertoire selected by the organizing commission composed of a fragment arranged by Miquel Llobet on Parsifal, by Richard Wagner, who was inspired by the Montserrat Monastery to recreate his opera.

They also performed El lamento by the composer and guitarist Josep Viñas in the commemoration of the bicentennial of his birth. The second semi-final phase also consisted of a transcription that Llobet himself made of the piece Fuego Fatuo from the ballet El Amor Brujo, by his musical colleague, the Cadiz composer Manuel de Falla. And the second work to be performed was the winning work of the 2022 Llobet Composition Contest, Tres bagatelas by the Argentine composer and guitarist Pablo Guzmán.

The Final, as usual, began under the leadership and presentation of the actor Jaume Comas, who after thanking the institutions and organizations that annually support this event, highlighting our official sponsor AGBAR and the necessary public support from the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat of Catalonia. The first part began giving way to the Quartet Brossa, a string quartet that accompanied each guitar with one of the two works to choose from. The three finalists in unison decided on the first movement of the Quintette op. 143 by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The work Quatour by Manuel María Ponce was left uninterpreted, an unfinished work due to the death of the composer, which was resolved and revised by maestro José Alberto Ubach. The first intervention was made by the French representative Émilie Fend, followed by the Bosnian Belmin Okanović and finishing by the Korean Jehee Lee.

Fifteen minutes of pause was the time that the audience took to decide by casting their vote at the …


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