• Guitar music was enriched with guided tours of reference spaces in the city of Barcelona

  • The festival remembered the Chilean genocide of 50 years ago with the premiere of Democratic Symphony at the Conservatori del Liceu

Barcelona | November 8, 2023 | 6:00 p.m.

After having dedicated the festival to the varied and extensive visual, performing, musical and literary arts, in original combinations with the instrument of the guitar that caused unique and harmonious experiences that the viewer could enjoy; This year we wanted to make an internal stop, aimed at the Health of our mind and body.

At the opening of the festival we began with an initial exercise aimed at the attending public. A specialist in musical physiotherapy instructed us with a postural treatment that the listener must have considered before listening to the concert by the ensemble Como era en un principio, proposing a dialogue between the ancient Spanish Baroque and the indigenous musical manifestations of Latin America.

The following Sundays were to learn about the history of strategic water structures such as the Torre de les Aigües del Besòs, transformed into a cultural space and an impressive skyline of Barcelona. The guitar music was provided by Carlos Cid and Alejandro Cordova, and the charango by Fabian Durán.

The public was once again able to attend the solo guitar sessions by the Ukrainian Yaroslava Ihnatenko, the Mexican Daniel Salceda and the Canarian Airam de Vera, winners of international awards, in heritage and monumental spaces such as the Museu de la Música, the Biblioteca de Catalunya and the Palau Güell.

The festival headquarters, the Miquel Llobet Art Hall at Casal Can Travi, once again invited the audience to participate in a mental experiment where the guest artists, Francisco Botto and Javier Acosta, immersed us in the collective imagination explained before their auditions. The attendees mentally drew the notes proposed by the guitarists with music from the Italian baroque to Latin American customs.

The Fundació Conservatori Liceu and the Art Llobet festival came together to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the fateful coup d’état in Chile, a catastrophe captured by the late composer Nino García with his work Sinfonía Democrática, performed by the Chilean concert artist Romilio Orellana fantastically accompanied by the ensemble formed by students from the Conservatori del Liceu.

The legendary Friday singing and guitar concerts held at the Fort Pienc Civic Center once again featured the voices of Alba Quinquillà and Marisa Martins along with the guitars of Laura Fontanals and Jaume Torrent, respectively.

The Barcelona Municipal Conservatori of Music, headquarters of the Llobet Competition, once again dressed as a guitar with two great concerts. A tribute concert to Joaquín Turina with …


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