• The deadline for submission of works begins today and will end on Sunday, June 2, 2024

  • The fifth edition will have the participation of Elodie Bouny, Zulema de la Cruz and Laura Young as members of the Jury

Barcelona | February 2, 2024 | 10:10 p.m.

The Certamen Llobet, in its composition modality, reaches its fifth edition in 2024 consolidating itself as one of the most interesting and internationally recognized guitar composition competitions and as one of the better valued by the participants of all editions.

The spirit and goal of this competition is to disseminate new music for guitar and to give a voice and a space to new creators. So, the organizers have decided to celebrate its first five years with a special concert in which some of the works that were semifinalists in previous editions will be performed. In this way, the contest takes another step forward in its mission to revalue new creations.

The melting pot of styles that can be heard (from post-Romantic neotonalism to microtonalism or the most avant-garde noisecraft) will make this concert an experience suitable for all sensibilities, while showing the good creative health that the world of the guitar is experiencing, away from prejudices or fanatical militancy of style.

At the same time, this fifth edition will once again have a luxury jury, in line with previous editions. As always, the jury will be formed by a guitarist, a guitarist composer and a composer far from the guitar praxis. So, the member of the jury in this edition will be: Laura Young, concert performer with an extensive international career and professor at ESMUC and the Mozarteum of Salzburg; Elodi Bouny, guitarist and composer with a broad and solid career in the Americas and Europe and director of the Novas Competition of composition for guitar based in Brazil, and Zulema de la Cruz, composer of great national and international prestige and professor of composition at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, as well as in the degree in Music at the International University of La Rioja.

The organizers encourage you to participate in this fifth edition, which in addition to offering the same rigor and closeness as always, will become a true celebration of the guitar.


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