• Diversity of nationalities and styles of works in competition in the 21st Llobet Competition. Special commemorations of Ida Presti, Chopin and Quiroga

  • Works by young creators participate in the contest. The Italian Edoardo Tritto with the 2023 composition winner and the Japanese Masataka Suganuma for the guitar finale with string quartet

Barcelona | March 9, 2024 | 8:10 p.m.

At the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, music has undergone a dizzying technological transformation and has brought us new possible experiences, but it has also led us to a profound decline in our human capabilities. As the illustrious teacher Emili Pujol already predicted: Modern times tend to dehumanize life. It disconnects the soul and erases what is necessary for collective life, the exchange of affectionate effort.

The Llobet Contest, faithful to the praises of Pujol, we will continue to feed the soul through collective effort through the instrument of the guitar. This year we return with a new selection of great works of profound intensity and serenity. Arrangements by Miquel Llobet on the hypnotic Nocturn 9 no. 2 by Frédéric Chopin and Carles Trepat with the evocative Ojos verdes by Maestro Quiroga, will be the representatives of the first qualifying phase. In the second semi-final phase, the Danse Rythmique by the French guitarist and composer Ida Presti and Feuilles Mortes by the young Italian composer Edoardo Tritto, winner of the last fourth edition of the Llobet Composition Competition, will be performed.

In the last phase, the finalists will perform a work of their choice with a string quartet of the young Japanese guitarist Masataka Suganuma with the first movement Allegro of his Sonatina for guitar and string quartet, or returning to the competition of the last edition, the Mexican Manuel María Ponce with his last unfinished work Quatour, but precise ending made by the master guitarist Alberto Ubach.

We hope that the competition proposal contributes to the participants to enter new concert horizons at a time and place that challenge human nature in the noble art of the Guitar.


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