• The Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona will once again be the stage for the best emerging figures of concert guitar

  • Nine interpreters of six nationalities will compete to win the highest award

Barcelona | November 1, 2022 | 4:00 p.m.

After two years of sanitary restrictions that reduced international mobility due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Llobet Competition returns to its usual presence, making the act an event where the highest expressions of classical guitar are exhibited, with a rigorous selection of works, inviting participants to prepare for the current artistic demands in an increasingly competitive music scene.

This year nine participants of six different nationalities have presented themselves: Christopher Avilez and José Daniel Salceda as representatives of Mexico, Fábio Fernandes and Filipe Neves from Portugal, Maxime Mazuyat from France, Simon Maisano from Argentina, Nicolás Salvador from Chile, and Bruna Escolà and Airam de Vera from Spain. Some of them were winners in past editions, such as the Mexican Christopher Avilez, second prize in 2021, or the Catalan Bruna Escolà as the Llobet prize in 2018.

We present to the contest excellent works that have left a personal mark to be performed by the interpreters with their own sound perspective and with the knowledge of their composers.

In the first round of Classification we present Leonesa a popular song that the illustrious guitarist Miquel Llobet harmonized so exquisitely, and Catalanesca a characteristic dance of Catalonia written by the Catalan cellist Gaspar Cassadó, whose 125th anniversary we celebrate.

In the second Semifinal round, the qualifiers will interpret the freshness of the Danza Brasilera by the Argentine master Jorge Morel, together with the inspiring pictorial Actor’s Mask by the Russian composer Konstantin Vassiliev, a work awarded with the first prize of the Llobet Composition Contest 2021.

The last and third Final round, the finalists will sharpen their musical skills with one of the two works to choose from together with a string quartet, between the suggestive Fantasia per chitarra e quartetto d’archi by the Italian master composer and guitarist Eros Roselli or the hypnotic Landscape by Australian composer Robert Davidson.

As we repeat every year, we hope that this appointment of self-improvement transmits or promotes new artistic challenges.

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