• The College of Architects of Catalonia and the cemeteries of les Corts and Montjuïc were extraordinary settings in an edition dedicated to Architecture

  • The festival pays tribute to illustrious Catalan artists of the 20th century such as Conxita Badia, Alicia de Larrocha, Isaac Albéniz, and Miquel Llobet

Barcelona, November 8, 2022 | 9:30 p.m.

After the invitation of different artistic disciplines (painting, sculpture, literature, dance, and film) in previous editions, Art Llobet wanted to culminate this 2022 edition with Architecture. We attended various heritage spaces and turned them into auditoriums for the performance of the noble art of the guitar, where the attending audience could enjoy a new sensory experience.

The festival began its musical journey with the tribute “Disassembling Llobet”, where David Murgadas and Ángel Núñez presented acclaimed Catalan popular works by the great guitarist, adapted in a classical-flamenco style and instrumented with lute, theorbo, and guitars. In the following days, tributes continued to Conxita Badia on her 125th anniversary and Alicia de Larrocha on her centenary of birth, featuring soprano Maria Teresa Garrigosa and guitarist Raúl Sandín. The tributes concluded in the resting places of Isaac Albéniz and Miquel Llobet, the Montjuïc Cemetery and the Poblenou Cemetery respectively, performed by French guitarist Fix Nicolet in “In the footsteps of Albéniz” and the Duo Fasols of guitar and cello paying tribute to Llobet.

Other architectural heritage reference spaces took center stage with the guitar in the hands of young soloists such as Valencian Alejandro Nogales or Italian Carlotta Dalia in the mesmerizing Cemetery of les Corts and the beautiful Library of Catalonia, where soprano Marta Arbonés also performed with guitarist Rosario Caselles. Noteworthy performances included guitar duets with harpsichord by Olga Kobékina and Sergi Vicente, mezzo-soprano María Amaral and Juan Pablo Bettinotti, clarinet by Toni Campos and Ana Cambra, or cello by Alena Tikhmanovich with Josep Manzano in collaboration with the 48 Open House of Barcelona at the College of Architects of Catalonia, located on its eighth floor with spectacular views in the heart of the city.

Of special relevance was the proposal of Guitar and Architecture featuring the Spanish premiere of Stephen Goss in Suite “Frozen Music”, seven inspiring movements based on modern buildings performed by Colombian guitarist Francisco Correa alongside the string trio composed …


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