• It will be developed extraordinarily in online format, hoping to be able to resume the next edition in person

  • During the past editions, the usual venues were the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona, ​​the Museu de la Música and the Auditori

Barcelona | October 5, 2020 | 7:33 p.m.

Due to the global health alarm situation generated by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we are unable to develop the Llobet Contest in person.
The seventeenth edition 2020 will be held extraordinarily in online format. The qualifying and semifinal phases will be carried out with the repertoire selected so far, but not the final, which cannot be performed with the usual guitar and string quartet formation. For this, the organizing committee resolved the final phase by proposing the development of 3 works of free choice from different periods between the Baroque and the present with a total maximum of 12 minutes.
The development of the contest will be carried out with the visualization of the qualifying phases in a private way by the members of the Jury, formed by the prestigious Australian guitarist Jacob Cordover; the Mexican professor Winfried Kellner and the Catalan composer Manel Ribera. Only the audiovisuals of the three finalists will be exposed to the audience, where they will be able to vote from the YouTube channel of the Llobet Contest during the week from Monday 2 to Sunday 8 November, at which time the awards ceremony will take place.

16 participants of 11 nationalities will compete for the different prizes of the prestigious Llobet Contest that takes place annually in the city of Barcelona. Listed as one of the most difficult in the world in its discipline by a repertoire rigorously selected by the organizing committee.

  • Javier Enrique Acosta Giangreco (PARAGUAY)
  • Josué Rodríguez Fonseca (CUBA)
  • Álvaro García Peón (SPAIN)
  • Sara Guerrero Aguado (SPAIN)
  • Chenxu Li (CHINA)
  • Andrés Madariaga Corvalán (CHILE)
  • Ernest Martínez Bruch (SPAIN)
  • Alexander Muñoz Godoy (CHILE)
  • Ronald Nuñez Alvarez (BOLIVIA)
  • Jonathan Ross Parkin (UK)
  • Sergey Perelekhov (RUSSIA)
  • Simón Felipe Reyes Contreras (COLOMBIA)
  • Izan Rubio Soria (SPAIN)
  • Diego Rene Solís Vidal (PARAGUAY)
  • Yuval Teeni (ISRAEL)
  • Marko Topchii (UKRAINE)

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