2022 TraviCult

Miquel Llobet Art Hall Culturals Saturdays

Editions: 2021

2022 TraviCult

Miquel Llobet Art Hall Culturals Saturdays

Due to the global health alarm situation generated by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we are obliged to take extraordinary measures in accordance with the indications of the competent authorities. We recommend making your reservation to attend by phone +34 600223764 or by email travicult@gmail.com. You can also continue enjoying the activities through our TraviCult Youtube channel.

From the Miquel Llobet Art Hall of the Can Travi de la Vall d’Hebron House we want to make the neighborhood and its surroundings known. Concerts, films, talks, walks or exhibitions will be part of the cultural promotion and dynamization, becoming a meeting point to share hobbies, and that, socially, is a good reason to promote neighborhood relations. Activities outside large halls or professional circuits, close by to enjoy the artist-public interaction; this is TraviCult, shared, inclusive and reflective cultural synergies contributing to the enrichment of the cultural fabric in the city of Barcelona.

In this 2021 edition, TraviCult will develop the activities one Saturday a month at 12 p.m. We will announce the activities regularly. You can now reserve the dates:

2022 TraviCult – Can Travi Neighborhood House Culturals Saturdays – 12 p.m.

– Saturday, January 29. Puzzle World Day
– Saturday, February 19. Pangolin World Day
– Saturday, March 19. Father’s Day
– Saturday, April 23. Book World Day
– Saturday, May 21. Tea World Day
– Saturday, June 17. Fight Desertification and Drought Day




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